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Astronauts – The Exhibition

From 20th Oct. to Dec. 2018

Live your life... as an astronaut! The new exhibition at the Cité de l'Espace will allow you to step into the extraordinary day-to-day of an astronaut orbiting the Earth.

Meeting the astronauts

The exhibition kicks off with an exceptional event: a launch into space and arrival at the ISS of Thomas Pesquet, a French astronaut from the ESA, in mid-November 2016.

The International Space Station (ISS) is a craft that orbits the Earth every 1h30 at an altitude of 400km with 6 astronauts on board. At zero gravity everything is different, everyday activities have to be reinvented and relearnt. Space is a very particular environment that unbalances all your senses and bodily functions.
To get you as close as possible to experiencing what life is like during a space mission, the astronauts themselves will guide you through this exhibition.

Through original displays they will show you how strange their daily lives in space can be. They will present their profession and show you just how they manage to work in this unusual environment.

Getting under the skin of an astronaut

After a presentation of astronaut training, you will be plunged into a realistic setting that takes you high above the Earth, 400km up. You will then enter a Space Station, which acts as both « home» and « laboratory » for the astronauts. Thanks to documented experiences you will discover the astonishing living conditions of astronauts in space, where every action is new: washing, eating, working, relaxing...all played out to the backdrop of 16 sunrises and sunsets every single day!

You can also enjoy the unbeatable view that only astronauts experience every day from the Space Station: Planet Earth as it flies along at 8km per second, the equivalent of travelling from Paris to Toulouse in 75 seconds! This will open your eyes to the beauty of our living planet.

This exhibition provides decor that will immerse you in outer space and experiences that initiate you into the extraordinary life of an astronaut.


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Avenue Jean Gonord - BP 25855
31 506 Toulouse CEDEX 5
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