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Windows onto courtyards

From 10th Dec. to 17th April

An original exhibition on the theme of how the courtyard is represented in paintings from the XVI to XX Century.

Windows onto courtyards showcases how artists portrayed inner courtyards from XVI to XX Century. A series of atriums, patios, cloisters, courtyards in palaces, farms and cities, as represented by Hubert Robert, Corot, Boudin and Bonnard, among others.

Deserted or bustling, these courtyards offer a poetic exploration that combines landscape, real or imagined architecture, great history and small anecdotes, all of which speak of something that is essentially human.

This inner courtyard space provides rich sociological, architectural and historical insights.

Fenêtre sur cours - exposition au musée des Augustins

For the painter, it is a place where history bursts forth, but also a backdrop to the public or private lives of the subjects.

Somewhere in between indoors and outdoors, this space allows the artist to juxtapose the stark light of day and the protection offered by shade, the pomp of major events and the warmth of the home.

The Augustins Museum, a former convent that was built around a great Gothic cloister and a smaller Renaissance cloister, is the ideal venue for hosting such a thought provoking event on the poetic nature of this genre.


Augustins Museum – Toulouse Museum of Fine-Arts
21 rue de Metz - 31000 Toulouse
Tel: +33 (0)5 61 22 21 82
Metro Esquirol

Opening times:
Every day, except Tuesday, from 10h to 18h.
Late opening on Wednesday, until 21h.
On 24th and 31st December: from 10h to 17h.
Closed on 1/01, 1/05, 25/12

Full price: €8
Concessions: €5
Free for under 18s.
Visit with commentary: €3