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The essential stop on your tours

Ideally situated in the heart of south-western France, Toulouse is surrounded by remarkable destinations that allow you to extend your stay: Albi, Millau and its viaduct, the medieval city of Carcassonne, iconic stops along the Way of St James, or even the Canal du Midi that takes you all the way to Agde... so many noteworthy places to explore with three tours that we have suggested for you to enjoy during a 3, 5 or 7 day break.


One of the biggest Roman basilicas in the Occident, the largest commercial aircraft in the world, the highest bridge on Earth: prepare to be amazed during this tour of superlatives that starts out from Toulouse!

Day 1: Toulouse

Morning: visit on foot of the historic heart of Toulouse, notably the basilica of Saint-Sernin, one of the biggest Roman basilicas in the Occident area.
Afternoon: visit the Airbus assembly site, the construction site of the A380, the largest commercial aircraft of all time.
Day 2: Albi

Morning: set off to Albi (76 km). Visit on foot of the historic heart of Albi, including Sainte-Cécile Cathedral, the largest brick-built cathedral in the world.
Afternoon: visit the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum.
Day 3: Roquefort and Millau

Morning: set off for Roquefort (91 km). In Roquefort you can visit the caves where the famous cheese is created.
Late morning: set off for Millau and its viaduct (25 km). Climb up to the viewpoint for the Millau viaduct, the highest (270 m) and the longest (2.4 km) cable-stayed bridge in the world.
Afternoon: a walk in the Causse du Larzac, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

On the 3rd day, between Albi and Millau, you could opt for a different stop: why not take the opportunity to discover Rodez? It provides the chance to visit the Soulages Museum, a magnificent contemporary building located in the town where this artist was born, displaying nearly 500 of his works.

> It is possible to arrange the services of a tour guide for the day:

€ 312/group in french
€ 366/group in another language

Full day based on 30 people.
On your coach and at the various sites, a tour guide will accompany you throughout the day and will reveal to you the richness of our local area.


Set off to discover the beauty of the stops along the Way of St James.

Day 1: Conques

Morning: visit the village of Conques and its abbey church of Sainte-Foy.
Afternoon: walk along the Puy trail (the GR65) with its superb views across the site of Conques.

Day 2: from Conques to Rocamadour

Morning: head for Figeac (48 km). Tour of Figeac, which welcomes pilgrims at its abbey, with its re- markable ancient houses.
Afternoon: head for Rocamadour (46 km)
Visit Rocamadour, with its sanctuaries cut into the cliffs.

Day 3: from Rocamadour to Moissac

Morning: head for Cahors (61 km). Tour around the historic centre of Cahors, brought to life by its shops and "secret gardens".
Afternoon: head to Moissac. You will drive along a road that snakes past hillsides and villages, following the route of the Puy Trail.
End of the day: Arrive at Moissac, admire the abbey of Saint-Pierre and enter its cloister.

Day 4: from Moissac to Auch

Morning: head for Valence-sur- Baïse, Gers (95 km). On the way, you can visit one of the stop-over villages along the Puy Trail.
Afternoon: visit the Cistercian abbey of Flaran.
Depart for Auch, along the Arles Trail (33 km).
Visit Auch and Sainte-Marie Cathedral with its superb stained-glass windows.
Head for Toulouse (79 km).

Day 5: Toulouse

Morning: discover the basilica of Saint-Sernin, a major stopping point on the Way of St James and one of the biggest Roman basilicas in the Occident.
Afternoon: stroll along the banks of the River Garonne, then cross the famous Pont Neuf. You will arrive at the Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques, where pilgrims were welcomed before continuing on their journey.


Superb landscapes, exceptional heritage, and the sunshine of southern France up above: get on your bike! Set off along an unforgettable trail that skirts the Canal du Midi.

Day 1: visit Toulouse

By bike or on foot, wander along the historic narrow streets of the Ville Rose. Among the main attractions: Le Capitole, the basilica of Saint-Sernin and the Jacobins Convent.

Day 2: from Toulouse to Castelnaudary

After 50 km of greenway trail, arrive at the point where the waters of the canal part. Spend the evening at Castelnaudary, the most important port between Toulouse and the Mediterranean.
Bike: 60 km

Day 3: from Castelnaudary to Carcassonne

Flanking the Grand Bassin de Castelnaudary, you will be able to admire the city of Carcassonne; a short stop will allow you to spend the afternoon exploring this medieval gem.
Bike: 42 km

Day 4: from Carcassonne to Homps

Leave Carcassonne and head into the Minervois. Cross the vineyards and villages before reaching the small and lively port of Homps.
Bike: 41 km

Day 5: from Homps to Capestang

Just after Homps, you will cross several bridges and canal-bridges. You will then arrive at Caspestang, visiting its château and collegiate church from the 14th century.
Bike: 43 km

Day 6: from Capestang to Agde

Head for Onglous Point and its small lighthouse, which offers superb pano- ramic views, most notably, of the Thau Pond and the listed port of Marseillan.
Bike: 50 km

Day 7: from Agde to Sète

A wilderness cycling trail that runs between Thau and the Mediterranean Sea allows you to watch the pink fla- mingos take flight. You finally arrive at Sète, the “Venice of the Languedoc”.
Bike: 35 km

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