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Toulouse sausage

As the capital of the South-West, Toulouse is proud of its culinary speciality: Toulouse sausage.
This is made exclusively from fresh pork, salt and pepper. It’s a must-try local product that has become an emblem of the region!

A local speciality

This fresh sausage was first found at the markets of Toulouse at the end of the 18th century. Try as you might, you will not find it anywhere else, not even in the area around the city. Toulouse sausage is a speciality of the South-West, and carries a prestigious red label. It must now meet a strict list of specifications at the time it is made, guaranteeing its exceptional quality and flavour.

Genuine Toulouse sausage can only be found at a few markets in Toulouse and the surrounding areas.

Ingredients of Toulouse sausage: the recipe

Free from colourings, preservatives and additives, Toulouse sausage is 75% lean pork and 25% pork breast, with salt and pepper, all contained in a natural skin. Its pinkish colour and wide diameter of 3 cm give it its distinctive appearance.

How to enjoy Toulouse sausage

Whether eaten grilled or in a confit (preserved in fat), in a cassoulet or with haricot beans from Tarbes, Toulouse sausage retains its unique flavour and reveals the authentic taste of the South-West. It will be even more enjoyable served with a regional wine.