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Wines and liqueurs of the South-West

The South-West is full of vines and different grape varieties. Climate, rich soils and ancestral skills help make our wines and alcohols such high-quality products… which go wonderfully with the region’s gastronomic specialities!

Wines of the South-West

The South-West is a wine-producing region that has sixteen appellations of origin. Red, white and rosé wines can be enjoyed as an aperitif, or served with regional specialities at the restaurants of Toulouse.
The Fronton vineyard lies at the edge of Toulouse. It mainly produces fine, elegant, contemporary red wine, based on a grape variety that is only grown here: "la Négrette". Fronton wine, with its fruity and supple aroma, goes well with all our regional products: confits, cassoulet, Toulouse sausage, cheeses…
A little further away but no less popular, Cahors wine is one of the South-West’s greatest vintages. Rich in aromas and savours, it is sure to find a place at your table, served with all the region’s red meats or meats in sauce.
Gaillac wine, grown some fifty kilometres from the pink city, is well-known among the people of Toulouse. Red or white, this refined, subtle and full-bodied wine will delight your taste buds. The estates stretch out over a large territory and the landscape is dotted with charming castles and numerous cellars.

Cahors, Fronton, Jurançon, Madiran and Gaillac: here is an introduction to the wines of the South-West.

The Candie estate

Toulouse is also part of this wine-growing culture. The municipal vineyards of Candie stretch out over 25 hectares and give the people of Toulouse a strong table wine, which is enjoyed at the city’s official ceremonies or simply at meals between friends. Candie wine has received several prestigious awards such as the Paris Gold Medal.

From violet liqueur to the famous Armagnac!

The most famous of all brandies, Armagnac, is produced at the heart of Gascony. Its ingredients and artisan production give it a unique taste. It is the perfect accompaniment to desserts, and is also drunk at the end of meals to aid the digestion. Less well-known, violet liqueur surprises the palate with its original taste.


Discover the wines of the South-West: tour of our cellars and vineyards!

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the wine production process on a tour of our cellars and vineyards. Discover how grape varieties are chosen, and the speed and sequence of the various stages of production, and end your tour with a wine-tasting session. Wine-lovers can improve their knowledge with oenology lessons.