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Coupe du monde de rugby, expo au Muséum de Toulouse

Naturellement Rugby exhibition at the Natural History Museum

Open from 5 September to 1 January 2024
The exhibition takes a look at the birth of rugby, which emerged from traditional medieval games, and how this sport made its merry way all the way to Toulouse.
The second part of the exhibition studies the variety of team emblems: cockerel, fern, wallaby, springbok, thistle, rose and so on. Visitors learn more about their origins, the symbolism behind the different species, and measures that have been taken to protect those that are threatened.

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Coupe du monde de rugby, expo au musée du Vieux-Toulouse

The beginnings of rugby in Toulouse, an exhibition at the Museum of Old Toulouse

Open from 23 June to 7 October
The museum encourages you to dive into the scrum and discover the fascinating history of rugby in Toulouse. How did this English sport arrive on the banks of the Garonne? How did it become the favourite sport of the Toulouse people in two decades? What were the first clubs in the city? Through a selection of objects, documents and works of art, the exhibition invites you to immerse yourself in the fascinating history of rugby in Toulouse, to discover how it all began.

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Visiter Toulouse, la Cité de l'espace
Cité de l'espace - M. Huynh

Japan in Space weekend at the Cité de l'espace

On 9 & 10 September
Two days to learn about space missions and Japanese culture with the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) and CNES. Come and admire an asteroid sample from the Japanese HAYABUSA mission, a scaled-down 3D model of the RYUGU asteroid and a model of the MASCOT rover.

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Visite les Dieux du Stade au musée Saint-Raymond
Rémi Deligeon

Gods of the Stadium exhibition at the Saint-Raymond museum

Guided tour every Thursday at 3pm from 7 September to 6 October
Were athletes naked in Antiquity? Were women involved in sport? Were athletes celebrities? Come and find out about ancient sporting practices through statues and day-to-day objects, on this quick tour lasting 30 minutes!

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Visiter Toulouse, le musée des arts précieux Paul-Dupuy
Rémi Deligeon

Exhibition on the oval form in decorative arts, at the Paul-Dupuy Precious Arts Museum

Guided tour, Friday 8 and Thursday 28 September at 4pm, and Sunday 10 September at 3pm
The Paul-Dupuy Precious Arts Museum exhibits a selection of works that reveal the artistic and symbolic wealth of oval forms in decorative art.

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Coupe du monde de rugby, exposition de photos France Rugby
Chloé Sabatier

France Rugby photo exhibition

From 9 August to 31 October
Julien Poupart, the official photographer of the French Rugby Federation, is presenting an exhibition of portraits of the men and women players of the French national rugby team in various locations around the city: Matabiau station, Place Wilson, Place Dupuy, Place de la Trinité and Les Carmes... This Toulouse Métropole exhibition is under the artistic direction of Ulrich Lebeuf.

Coupe du monde de rugby, exposition de maillots de rugby
Chloé Sabatier

Exhibition of rugby shirts

From mid-August, 25 shirts from the clubs that trained the French team players will be on display in shop windows along the Fan Walk.