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Les bords de Garonne à Toulouse

Experiencethe city

What to do in Toulouse?

Guided tours, boat trips on the Garonne or the Canal du Midi, little tourist trains... Toulouse is revealed in a thousand ways! Depending on what you want to do, choose a visit or a discovery tour that suits you. You could also explore the city in a more adventurous way thanks to the many city games available.

Visiter Toulouse en bus, en bateau, en train...
Rémi Deligeon

Visit Toulouse aboard an open-top bus, a train, by boat

Visiter Toulouse en famille
Gilles Martin

Visit Toulouse with the family

Itinéraires touristiques à Toulouse

Heritage walks

Street art à Toulouse - oeuvre de Maye Mondé
Nathalie Casado

Street art made in Toulouse