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Le Gardien du Temple - le Minautore place du Capitole
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compagnie la MachineThe Guardian of the Temple

From 1st to 4th November 2018, the Guardian of the Temple, the new creation of François Delarozière and La Compagnie La Machine, has its worldwide premiere in Toulouse.

The show

The Guardian of the Temple shows a monumental machine dedicated to the city of Toulouse which will reinterpret, alongside a giant spider, the myth of Ariane.

This show running from 1 to 4 November 2018 in the streets of Toulouse, a veritable natural labyrinth, is an introduction to the installation of the cultural and touristic equipment of La Halle de La Machine in the district of Montaudran around the historic runway of the air postal service now known as La Piste des Géants (the Runway of the Giants).

A new myth

The Guardian of the Temple, is about taking over the story of the Minotaur, to reinvent its codes and content, and provide a new myth to be shared. The archaeological digs of 1993 at Place Esquirol revealed the foundations of the ancient Capitole temple of Toulouse.

The archaeologists made an important discovery there: a fragment of writing in the Etruscan language, engraved on a stone in the foundations. After 25 years of research to find out its meaning, the researchers were able to decipher what appears to be a prophecy given by an eminent Etruscan sibyl.

Un nouveau mythe - le Gardien du Temple

The prophecy

"Toulouse marked by gold, fire, blood and water, will see its temple disappear. Its guardian buried underground will remain. When the day breaks upon the temple at last discovered, he will need fifty equinoxes to return to life.
Protector of the city, he will be reborn via the waters of the river, thanks to the new blue moon. Wandering in search of the temple, lost in the heart of the Labyrinth, only the metamorphosed Ariane will guide him towards his new home."

Toulouse therefore expects, in 2018, twenty-five years after the excavations in the Place Esquirol, to see the guardian of the city reappear.

The Hallede la Machine

Opening weekend from 9th to 11th November 2018.

La Halle de La Machine will house the extraordinary machines, designed and manufactured by François Delaroziere and La Machine Company teams.

Piste des Géants, Toulouse - Montaudran

Le Gardien du Temple
E. Bourgeau
François Delarozière devant le Halle des Machines
Jordi Bover
Inauguration de la Halle de la Machine

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