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Natoetsy Raymonde

Heritage walk - Mansions houses

This edition of Heritage Walks invites us to enjoy a sensory, aesthetic and historic immersion into the heart of the ancient city centre of Toulouse. Safeguarded and proudly showcased, there are 142 listed mansion houses within the city’s Remarkable Heritage Site zone, and around 210 dotted all over the centre, not to mention the countless patrician houses that reflect greatly ambitious architectural development projects of their times.


Hôtel de Bernuy
1 rue Léon Gambetta
31000 Toulouse

The home of businessman Jean de Bernuy retains many of its original features despite continuous remodelling works.

Constructed in two stages between the 1500's and 1530's, this mansion house stretches across a substantial estate that comprised outbuildings, kitchens, offices, storage rooms, stables… Only the main elements remain to this day : two courtyards around which can be found the residential buildings, one in the Low Gothic style, the other featuring Renaissance décor inspired by Antiquity. From the small corner garden you can admire the buildings and the extremely tall staircase tower dating from the first phase of construction works. Its exceptional dimensions made this an architectural benchmark in Toulouse during the XVI Century. Thirty years after work finished, the mansion house became a Jesuit college. The doorway on Rue Lakanal dates back to 1606 and is attributed to architect Pierre II Souffron, recalling the venue’s new purpose.

Natoetsy Raymonde