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JM Herrador

Heritage Walks - banks of the Garonne

The itinerary suggested offers the most beautiful views of the city and its river. Eighteen remarkable monuments are detailed here so that visitors can discover and arrive at a better understanding of the identity of Toulouse.


Cours Dillon and the Prairie des Filtres
Cours Dillon
31300 Toulouse

Development work during the 18th Century also affected the left bank, a low bank that was vulnerable to flooding. Built above the level of the Garonne, the Cours Dillon fulfilled the role of a protective embankment for the Saint-Cyprien quarter.

It overlooks the Prairie des Filtres, a sedimentary zone that became progressively silted up to create a natural filter for the waters that fed the water tower when it was in use. Accessible since 1844 by means of a monumental stairway, in 1976 the site became a public garden that is much loved by the people of Toulouse, a green space from which you can enjoy a magnificent view across the Quai de Tounis and the Pont-Neuf. Perfect for strolling and relaxing, it also plays host to major events, such as the Rio Loco Festival.

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