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JM Herrador

Heritage Walks - banks of the Garonne

The itinerary suggested offers the most beautiful views of the city and its river. Eighteen remarkable monuments are detailed here so that visitors can discover and arrive at a better understanding of the identity of Toulouse.


Saint-Joseph-de-La-Grave Hospital
31300 Toulouse

Built from the 12th Century onwards on the shores of the Garonne from which it gets its name, La Grave housed the poor, orphans, prostitutes and the mentally ill, but also plague victims. This was because its location outside the city walls made it ideal for isolating those suffering from contagious diseases.

Easily identifiable, its circular chapel boasts a dome topped with a lantern supported by a wooden structure clad in copper. Covering 8 hectares, mostly developed during the 17th and 18th Centuries, La Grave is the largest hospital in the city. Used as the main maternity ward during the 20th Century, and the birthplace of a great many Toulouse natives, such as Carlos Gardel, it is nowadays responsible for providing humanitarian treatment for the local community. The chapel will soon be redeveloped as a cultural site and a pedestrian walkway will allow visitors to traverse the former hospital.

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