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JM Herrador

Heritage Walks - banks of the Garonne

The itinerary suggested offers the most beautiful views of the city and its river. Eighteen remarkable monuments are detailed here so that visitors can discover and arrive at a better understanding of the identity of Toulouse.


Quai de Tounis
31000 Toulouse

Access to the île de Tounis is gained by crossing Toulouse’s oldest bridge (1516).

Often remodelled by the floods and by human endeavour, this site was originally home to a small and hardworking population that undertook a malodorous profession: skinners, tanners, dyers... Exposed to the whims of the River Garonne, the Tounis inhabitants were finally protected in 1850 thanks to the construction of a barrier wall: the current quayside. 100 years later, the Garonnette, a branch of the river that separates the island from the city, had dried up: Tounis has become a sought after residential area –Claude Nougaro’s final home was located here, at no.112– and one of Toulouse’s finest viewpoints across the River Garonne.

Chloé Sabatier