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Stephan Muntaner
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The Dragon-HorseLong Ma

Long Ma, the fantastical Dragon Horse from the La Machine Company, arrives to tread the Runway of Giants in Toulouse.

Long Ma at the Halle de la Machine

This extraordinary creature made of wood and steel is 12 metres high, 5 metres wide and weighs 45 tonnes. Her name, Long Ma Jing Shen, means "The Spirit of the Dragon Horse". The creature made her first appearance in 2014 in China, in Beijing, as part of the 50th anniversary of the restoration of Franco-Chinese relations.

From 19th February to 11th September 2022

Rendezvous at the Halle de la Machine for an unforgettable encounter

Every day Long Ma wakes up in the heart of the Hall in the Montaudran district. Les Véritables Machinistes invite you to discover its history. The fabulous creature comes to life, its nostrils belch smoke and its mouth spits fire, and on certain days it ventures outside onto the Runway of Giants, or even the Montaudran district, to meet Asterion the Minotaur. 

An original show on 16th and 17th April 2022

The Runway of Giants, from where the hero pilots of the Aeropostale adventure, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Jean Mermoz, took off, will be the scene of a fabulous and free street show.

In the company of the Minotaur and the Spider, Long Ma the dragon will provide spectators with some tremendously exciting moments.

Long Ma le cheval-dragon de la Compagnie de la Machine
Stephan Muntaner

A ride on Long Ma’s back

From 19th April to 8th May 2022, hop on the back of Long Ma in her pagoda-shaped temple for an unforgettable ride along the Runway of Giants and the Montaudran district.

Up to 35 people per trip.

Activities at the Hall of La Machine with Les Véritables Machinistes; a ride on the back of the Minotaur on the Runway of Giants outside the Hall.

Visiter Toulouse, la Halle de la Machine
Visiter Toulouse, la Halle de la Machine
Halle de La Machine
Visiter Toulouse, le Minotaure à la Halle de la Machine