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Les siestes électroniques

Main Festivals 2018

In Toulouse, vibrant city of science, festivals are held throughout the year. Cosmopolitan and Latin American, its cultural life gives free rein to creativity and emerging new trends in arts, music and gastronomy.

February 2018 – Fête de la violette

Every year in February, during the flowering season of this highly-perfumed little flower, the Festival de la Violette is organised by Les Amis de la Violette.
The violet is the emblematic flower of Toulouse, and has been cultivated by the market gardeners in the north of the city since the 19th century. Nowadays, “La Violette de Toulouse” is a registered trademark, to be found on a wide variety of products (sweets, perfume, liqueur, etc.) and offers an excellent reason to celebrate as well as to explore Toulouse - the City of Violets!

4th to 20th May 2018 - MAP 10th edition (Photo Festival)

MAP Toulouse is the photography festival for the Ville Rose, a meeting point for young talent and major names in photography.
Over several weeks, the entire city transforms into an immense gallery of images, accessible and free for all members of the public.

14th-17th June 2018 – Rio Loco (Music Festival)

The 2018 edition of the Rio Loco Festival places the focus on the Rumba, born in Cuba, and a blend of music and dance from Spain and Africa, reflecting in this way a startlingly rich harmony and rhythm. 3 days of festivals on the banks of the Garonne to explore the music and cultures of the world.

28th June – 1st July 2018 - Siestes Électroniques (Electro music Festival) 

Siestes Électroniques is a festival in Toulouse devoted to emerging cultures, a niche event with great heart that, since its creation in the Ville Rose, has been taken to Paris and other major cities across Europe. The concept?
Musical discoveries in a relaxed ambiance, stretching out across the lawns of the Compans Caffarelli public gardens.

29th June – 8th July 2018 – Tangopostale 10th edition (Tango Festival)

A nod to Aéropostale, which connected Toulouse and Argentina, and a chance to celebrate singer Carlos Gardel, born in Toulouse, the « Tangopostale » international tango festival is set to make the city pulse once again! More than 80 events, concerts, shows, balls, conferences, exhibitions and films will bring dancers and spectators together in this enchanting world.

From 6th July to 25th August – "Open-air Cinema" at Cinémathèque de Toulouse

To experience cinema “differently”, every summer the courtyard of the Cinémathèque de Toulouse transforms into an open-air movie theatre. The Open-air Cinema festival has become one of the highlights of the season at the Cinémathèque and on the Toulouse cultural calendar. Over seven weeks, around forty great films from the history of cinema will grace the big screen on the façade of the building.

July - August – Toulouse d’été (Music Festival)

The Toulouse Summer Festival turned into the unavoidable Toulouse summer musical meeting place. Combining heritage and creation, it displays a music wandering through the most typical places of interest of the city, but also through its most unusual sites, where some confirmed and ready to become famous artists are sharing the show. From classical to jazz music, with worldwide music in between, rock music or songs, over fifty special events are shown to invent or re-invent the various music.

September 2018 – Piano aux Jacobins (Piano concert)

Piano aux Jacobins is the most important festival dedicated to the piano in France.
During the softly lit hours of the concert, Piano aux Jacobins offers a unique alchemy: the Jacobin Monastery, a place full of spirituality and history where the attention of the heart is combined with warm acoustics.

21st September – 28th October 2018 – Printemps de Septembre (Contemporary Art Festival)

Highlight for contemporary art in Toulouse, throughout the Printemps de septembre and in all the exhibition spaces, a variety of free, open events are designed to enhance visitors’ experience of the art.

October 2018 – Festival Toulouse les Orgues

Toulouse is the organ capital of Europe and there are plenty of good reasons for this. It is not by chance that this event has been brought to life by the people - and the organs - of Toulouse.
The city has a rich and varied organ heritage, including many different styles of instruments from all periods of history. The exceptional number of organs in the city (30, 9 of which are classified historical monuments) and the surrounding region (370) mean that all kinds of music can be played.


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Poes Jober Mister Freeze

Summer 2018 « Street-art festivals »

In June 2018, spend a weekend exploring the Open Summer Festival. Graffiti works created by more than 40 artists decorate the outer walls of the 50cinq, as well as a creative market outside the building. In October, "Mister Freeze", the biggest exhibition of contemporary urban art in France, provides a free invitation to curious visitors to spend 10 days discovering more than 45 international artists on display across the 13,000m2 of the 50Cinq. The façades and walls of the former Latécoère factory and all other available spaces are used for giving free rein to the artists’ imaginations. In 2019, discover the new edition of the Rose Béton Festival, a new biennale devoted to urban arts in Toulouse.