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Vue aérienne de Toulouse

Maps of Toulouse

On this page you will find all the useful maps for your stay and your visits in Toulouse.

Many of these maps are available at the tourist office in the Donjon du Capitole.

Plan touristique de Toulouse

The tourist map

To make it easier for you to get around the city centre or the surrounding area, to find the sites to visit, to discover new places or simply to find your way home: the tourist map is at your disposal, showing monuments, museums, gardens, but also car parks and metro and tramway routes.

tourist map

Visiter Toulouse, graff de Poes et Jober

Digital street art map

This regularly updated digital map lists all the pieces of street art. These urban frescoes are geo-located with the name of the artist and a presentation of the artwork. An essential tool for graffiti lovers.

Digital street art map

Visiter Toulouse à vélo

Map of cycling routes

Whether it's for the pleasure of a ride on two wheels or for essential journeys using an environmentally friendly mode of transport, the many cycle paths make it easy for riders to get around Toulouse with over 600km of infrastructure available.

Toulouse Métropole cycling routes
Cycling paths in the centre of Toulouse

Se déplacer en métro à Toulouse

Map of the Tisséo public transport network

Find a detailed map of the public transport network for the whole city: bus, tramway and metro. This map is published by Tisséo.
Thanks to a highly developed transport network and regular services, you can easily get around the whole area without having to use your car.

Tisséo public transport network