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Muséum de Toulouse
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An exhibitionat the heart of living things

Step back in time and set off to explore the very first species at Le Muséum…Delve into the heart of natural history and living things will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Discover the secrets of living things

Set off on an expedition in Le Muséum and go back to the origins of living things!

In the heart of Toulouse, within the garden quarter, Le Muséum unveils the secrets of the living world and the relationships that link Mankind and Nature.
How old is the Earth? What are the effects of a seismic shock? What does a giant squid look like?

From floor to ceiling Le Muséum will provide the answers to these questions…and many more besides!
Upon entry you will be greeted by Punch the elephant and Twiga the giraffe.

If you lift your gaze you can also see the skeleton of a Quetzalcoatlus with its great wings spread.

Zèbre et rhinocéros au Muséum de Toulouse
Muséum de Toulouse

Your expedition in Le Muséum takes in a number of spaces focusing on the following themes:

Earth: forces, movements, energies.
Living things: diversity, classification, organisation.
Life through time: continuity, rupture, life forces.
The needs of mankind: the major functions of living things.
Life tomorrow? Learn and act now.

Numerous workshops are available for children. Please find out more before your visit.



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Park and garden

Small waterfalls, fountains surrounded by flowers…and sometimes even ponies! This ancient botanical garden is perfect for anyone who enjoys a stroll.


Park and garden

A haven of peace in the heart of the city, this remarkable garden offers up its green setting for all your contemplations.


Muséum de Toulouse - natural history museum

35 allées Jules Guesde - 31000 Toulouse

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Muséum de Toulouse

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Muséum de Toulouse
Muséum de Toulouse