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Les musées et les lieux d'exposition à Toulouse

Museums and exhibition venues

Toulouse is a city of art and culture. You can visit numerous museums and exhibitions with a variety of themes! Fine arts of course, but also exciting scientific discoveries and surprising curiosities.

Museums of art and history

Step back in time at the Musée Saint-Raymond, the archaeological museum of Toulouse. Next to the basilica of Saint-Sernin, this charming museum and its little garden occupies a former university college from the XVI Century. Whilst it focuses on the historic past of the Ville Rose, it is nevertheless resolutely modern and original in terms of its scenography and exhibitions.

Lovers of « High Art » and sculpture should head to the Augustins Museum, the museum of fine-arts of the city of Toulouse. Housed within an ancient XIV Century monastery, its collections are presented in magnificent rooms and a medieval cloister. Here you can admire the great names in the history of art from the Middle Ages to the early XX Century. Not to be missed: the room displaying one of the finest collections of Romanesque capitals in France. The museum is currently closed for works, but an exceptional opening of its two cloisters and the church with an original display and events invites you to discover the history of this museum throughout the summer until the 16th of October.

The Bemberg Foundation displays paintings and decorative arts from the XVI to XIX Century at the most beautiful mansion house in Toulouse; the Hôtel d’Assézat, a masterpiece of the Renaissance. Here the Argentinian collector Georges Bemberg brought together the great names in the history of modern art with an entire room devoted to the artist Bonnard. The Bemberg Foundation is currently closed for renovations.

The Château d’Eau gallery overlooks one end of the Pont-Neuf from its left bank. It was established by illustrious local photographer Jean Dieuzaide and is dedicated to photography. This is a place where enthusiasts are keen to present the great names in photography as well as emerging talents.

The Les Abattoirs museum of modern and contemporary art took up residence in the former abattoir of the city of Toulouse and still bears its name. 3,000m² of exhibition space is given over to contemporary art and exhibitions that take place throughout the year. For lovers of art books, the museum boasts a beautiful bookshop.

Le Muséum, musée d'histoire naturelle de Toulouse

Museums of scientific discoveries

Whilst Toulouse is a city that adores art, it also delights in adventure and has always been at the cutting edge of countless scientific fields. Relive these extraordinary adventures through interactive displays that turn the visitor into the main protagonist of these discoveries.

Become an explorer at the Natural History Museum, an aviator in the footsteps of Saint-Exupéry at the Envol des Pionniers (Flight of the Pioneers), a modern-day pilot at Aeroscopia, an astronaut at the Cité de l'Espace.

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Le musée Georges Labit à Toulouse

Museums of « curiosities »

Looking for something different? The Georges Labit museum is housed in a magnificent Moorish-style villa surrounded by an exotic garden. It features a collection of Asian artworks and Egyptian antiques. Buddha statues and palm trees provide a change of scenery and Zen-attitude!

Paul-Dupuy is a museum of decorative and graphic arts. It presents works from the Middle Ages to the end of the 1930s. You can admire a very fine collection of clocks and watches, the reconstruction of a XVII Century pharmacy and a collection of medieval religious treasures.

Top tip!

In Toulouse, some museums are free on the 1st Sunday of every month:
The musée des Abattoirs - the Muséum d'histoire naturelle - the Quai des Savoirs - the Jacobins cloister (at the Jacobins Convent) - the musée Saint-Raymond - the musée des Arts Précieux Paul-Dupuy - the galerie du Château d'eau - the chapelle Saint-Joseph-de-la-Grave - the Jardins du Muséum.
To be enjoyed without moderation!

Musée les Abattoirs à Toulouse, art moderne et contemporain

Don't hesitate to visit the Musée du Vieux Toulouse. In one of the oldest districts of Toulouse, this museum tells the story of the Ville Rose through the people of Toulouse and the many little anecdotes of life in the past.

The museums of the history of medicine and of medical implements are housed in the Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques, which dates from the XII Century. The building is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Way of St. James. These visits are an opportunity to appreciate the evolution of medicine in a place that today houses the European Institute of Telemedicine!

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Exhibition venues

In Toulouse, there’s always an exhibition to enjoy! As well as the museums, special venues are dedicated to cultural discoveries throughout the year.

Are you looking for magic and wonder? Head to the Hall of La Machine that features some fabulous mechanical inventions from the Compagnie de la Machine, animated by real-life machinists. It’s here, on the very spot upon which Saint-Exupéry took off at the controls of Aéropostale’s aircraft, that you can encounter the majestic Minotaur, created by François Delarozière for the city of Toulouse. Built of steel, wood and leather, it can accommodate up to 50 visitors on its back for a stroll around the Montaudran quarter.

He’s accompanied by a Giant Spider that can reach a width of 20 metres when she stretches out...

These exhibition venues are spaces of expression for contemporary artists. With the BBB Art Centre, the Lieu Commun... through their works, these venues allow us to encounter today's artists and to try to understand the way they look at our world.

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Halle de la Machine, balade à dos de Minotaure

A trip on the back of the Minotaur

Head to the Hall of La Machine for one of the most surprising trips ever...on the back of a Minotaur!

Astérion the Minotaur first appeared in Toulouse during the Guardian of the Temple show. This is a unique and monumental creature that can open its eyes, move and carry people on its back.