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Que faire à Toulouse ?



With the mutual objective of promoting the destination of Toulouse via your forthcoming articles: touristic, cultural, festive, gastronomic, art de vivre, we provide you with free assistance throughout your work in Toulouse by offering:

  • advice and assistance when creating your articles and reports,
  • connecting you with suppliers from the travel industry in Toulouse,
  • providing themed guided visits adapted to the themes of your reports,
  • supplying you with official visuals/footage of the city for your reports,
  • sending you brochures published by the tourist office to help you plan in advance or even providing a press pack during your stay in Toulouse (press releases, city maps, visitor guides...),
  • support in arranging and organising the logistics – only in Toulouse – of your press and media trip itineraries,
  • possible assistance during your report,
  • partial funding of the cost of your reports, subject to conditions (not including transport costs).

In exchange for this assistance, we would ask you to please:

  • as a minimum requirement, mention our web-site or in your articles, reports or broadcasts (print, web, TV or radio
  • highlight at least one product offered by the Toulouse Tourist Office in your articles, reports or broadcasts (ex: Pass Tourisme, guided visits, accommodation offers sold on our on-line reservation page, welcome by the Toulouse Greeters…)
  • wherever possible, integrate our logo, notably for TV journalists, within the generic information of your broadcasts
  • commit to promptly sending us details of your work once it is published or broadcast:

Press trip ideas

1. The myths of aeronautics in Toulouse
A few days in which to visit the Aeroscopia Museum of aeronautics, which has 2 models of the legendary Concorde on display, and to discover the new Hall of La Machine, a new tourist site that offers, among other things, a ride on the back of a Minotaur, a gigantic 14-metre tall machine designed especially for Toulouse at the Runway of Giants. The trip finishes in the footsteps of iconic pilots like Mermoz or Saint-Exupéry at the Flight of the Pioneers, a new museum that retraces the adventure of the very first Aéropostale pilots.

2. Legends and savoir-faire of the pastel industry.
The city of Troy had Helen whilst Toulouse had La Belle Paule. This merchant’s daughter, depicted in a number of works all over the city, owes her beauty to the application of a magical plant: pastel. This plant that was originally used to dye textiles blue is nowadays employed in cosmetics.
A few days exploring the Renaissance mansion houses and the homes of artisans that offer products based on pastel.

3. Toulouse has its head in the stars
A guided visit of Airbus to discover how aircraft are manufactured, passing by the Runway of Giants to relive the adventure of the very first pilots and pioneers of aeronautics with the Flight of the Pioneers and, finally, a journey beyond the stratosphere to explore the conquest of Space at the Cité de l’Espace.

4. Trendy Toulouse
A break that mixes the best gastronomic hotspots, covered markets and great shopping ideas: the designers’ quarter, luxury boutiques, new addresses and a visit to the local artisans and producers.

5. Toulouse rugby destination
Enter the real rugby experience, explore Toulouse rugby stadium from within, stroll around the city and discover the locals favourite spots.



Marine Esch
Agence d’Attractivité de Toulouse Métropole


Please note, we are also on hand to listen to:

  • press / promotions managers of transport companies (air or rail) or major groups (hotel chains, cosmetics brands…) that wish to visit Toulouse with a group of French or overseas journalists during a particular event (ex: opening a new route).
  • journalists looking to develop a cost-free partnership, such as a competition (promoting the destination of Toulouse in exchange for a competition prize, to be defined).