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    Set off on an adventure

    Some advice for science lovers in search of experiences, for those of us who love to gaze upwards at the stars or for those who are amazed by the wonders of the Universe: the adventure starts in Toulouse!

    Vers l’infini et au-delà !

    To infinity

    and beyond

    To infinity and beyond

    For adventurers in outer space

    Toulouse is undoubtedly the city closest to the stars. When we say the city has its head in the clouds that is not because it is given to daydreaming, but because it is the European capital of the aeronautics and space industry, the home of knowledge and exploits that have given the world food for thought: aviation, the Éole by Clément Ader, the A380 or the Concorde, but also the conquest of Space. Upon visiting Toulouse, your first steps lead you to the Airbus assembly line or the Aeroscopia Museum where you can see legendary aircraft and to the Cité de l'Espace where you can experience weightlessness.

    And get ready to come back to Toulouse very soon so that you can visit the Piste des Géants and relive the story of the pioneers of the Aéropostale airline...

    La Cupola à la Cité de l'esapce

    Astronauts Expo - Cité de l'Espace


    Aeroscopia Museum

    Sébastien Ognier - Airbus


    S’étonner et apprendre

    Astonishing and


    Astonishing and educational...

    Exploring the smallest details

    So, you have your feet on the ground but are curious nonetheless? No need to play at Indiana Jones in the depths of the jungle to experience an adventure and hunt for buried treasure. Through their expeditions and research, archaeologists and explorers allow us to discover the astonishing wealth and diversity of nature, inspiring the curiosity of young and old alike and opening our eyes to new horizons. No question of being bored here as you discover molecules, the animal and plant worlds or even the interactions between Mankind and nature in an entertaining way as you observe, touch, question and, above all, marvel at the nature of living things.

    Tempted? Put away your backpack, open your eyes and step right this way!

    Muséum de Toulouse
    Muséum de Toulouse

    Muséum de Toulouse

    Quai des Savoirs
    Patrice Nin

    Quai des Savoirs