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Le street art à Toulouse
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Graffiti that isMade in Toulouse

Whether pioneers, Toulouse locals or invited guests, so many artists have left a tag, a mural or a piece of graffiti on the walls of the Ville Rose. Delve into the world of graffiti.

Toulouse was a pioneering graffiti city

The Arnaud-Bernard quarter is the cradle of graffiti

At the end of the 1980s, this form of expression was unknown in France and Toulouse natives Mosquito, Tilt, Soune, Tober, Cee-T and Fastoche were its pioneers. Influenced by New York hip-hop culture, they covered the walls and derelict sites of the Arnaud-Bernard quarter, situated in the city centre, playing cat and mouse with the local authorities.

This district witnessed the birth of Truskool, an artists’ collective from the 1990s that, most notably, loved to use paint bombs on the walls of the disused tobacco factory. Creative, passionate and talented, this band of graffiti-loving friends featured 2pon, Der, Cee-T, Soune and Tilt. They formed a group that quickly became hugely influential and whose works could be seen all over the world. Alongside them, female artists like Fafi, Miss Van or Melle Kat also developed their own styles and techniques.

Graff Mister Freeze
Chloé Sabatier

From notoriety to respectability

Graffiti was born on the street: in Toulouse, the ephemeral works of the period have nearly all been erased or covered over, but that hasn’t stopped this urban art form gaining acceptance and respectability. Toulouse is the second most dynamic city in France, and yesterday’s vandals have today become renowned artists that are officially commissioned to bring colour to the city’s immense walls.

Reso, Miss Van, Maye are all on display during the Rose Béton or Mister Freeze festivals, in art galleries and in more unusual locations, such as the chambers of the Hôtel des Beaux-Arts or the Villa du Taur. As for the McDonalds fast-food outlet on Place Wilson, it has sought out the skills of Toulouse graffiti artist Mondé.

TOP 5 graffs

Graff de Mademoiselle Kat à Toulouse
Natoetsy Raymonde
Le street art à Toulouse
Marine Esch
Graff l'épopée de Gilgamesh
Lucie de Azevedo

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