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Dégustation oenologique à Toulouse

ToulouseTapas bars

On this page you’ll find some top destinations for an aperitif or tapas evening in Toulouse.

Spanish tapas, Basque pinchos and Occitan “tastous”...In Toulouse you can enjoy the culture of southern food, with its emphasis on fun and sharing. Toulouse residents enjoy meeting for an aperitif or gathering around a table, restaurant style, to share some delicious appetizers. Toulouse wine bars have something for all tastes! 

The authentic taste of Spain

These restaurants in Les Carmes district and Wilson district are a festival for the tastebuds. The top Spanish tapas bars are here. The entire menu is so delicious it’s hard to choose, but the good thing about tapas is that you can try a little bit of everything... And recommend them to others!

Chez Rosa - 48 rue Pharaon 
El Abanico - 6 rue du Canard 
Las Tapas locas - 2 rue des Trois Journées

Fiesta time in Toulouse

These restaurant-tapas bars, in the middle of the Victor-Hugo district are THE place to go for an aperitif and to soak up the southern atmosphere of the Basque Country or Seville! And if you visit on an evening when there’s a match at Toulouse Stadium, you’ll also get to enjoy the great rugby atmosphere. La Rosa Negra has also opened a second restaurant in the Compans district, a stone’s throw from the canal de Brienne and the allées de Barcelone.

Le petit San Seb - 6 rue du Rempart-Villeneuve
La Rosa Negra - 6 rue du Rempart-Villeneuve (
these two restaurants are next to each other)
La Rosa Negra "Côté Barcelone" - 1 boulevard du Maréchal Leclerc

Toulouse’s top fiesta spots

These venues are popular with students and party enthusiasts. At la Tantina and Le Borriquito, you can enjoy tapas, large tables and a fun atmosphere until 10pm when the place turns into a dance floor ...until late at night!  L’Oncle Madrid offers a completely different scene with its high tables and counter, but a party atmosphere is also on the menu!

La Tantina de Burgos - 27 avenue de la Garonnette
Le Borriquito Loco – 25 rue des Paradoux
L’Oncle Madrid – 27 rue des Paradoux

Local, Occitan-style tapas

Le Vasco in Saint-Cyprien district, with its fun, understated feel is a must. L’Esquinade is located in the middle of the cosmopolitan Arnaud-Bernard district. Le Carbet d’Oc, a stone’s throw from place des Carmes, is known for its bars and small restaurants.

Vasco le Gamma - 1 place de l'Estrapade
L’Esquinade – 28 rue de la Chaine
Le Carbet d’Oc – 4 rue des Filatiers

Terrasse le Wallace à Toulouse
Laura Biassette

Trendy venues that serve tapas at night

Le Wallace place Saint-Georges, L’Alimentation place de la Bourse, Le Bistroquet à la Une and Le Cosmo place Wilson are not only popular with locals at lunch time but thanks to their tapas sharing plates are much in demand from early evening onwards.

Le Wallace - 15 place Saint-Georges
L’Alimentation - 24 place de la Bourse
Le Cosmopolitain - 1 rue des 3 Journées
Le Bistroquet à La Une - 10 rue Labeda