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10Top 10 graffiti in Toulouse

Graff jardin d'Embarthe
Chloé Sabatier

The Jardin d'Embarthe

Step through the gates at the Jardin d'Embarthe: inside this refuge for nature and away from the busy city the oldest example of graffiti still visible in Toulouse covers a wall shrouded in ivy. Commissioned by the mayor’s office in 1994, it was created by 4 members of Truskool.

Guatemao rue Gramat
Chloé Sabatier

Rue Gramat

In the heart of the popular Arnaud-Bernard quarter (Arnaud-B to the locals), rue Gramat is certainly colourful! It was here that everything began. It has been « the » street for graff since the 90s and gave rise to the Truskool collective, an artistic movement started by friends that became famous across Europe and on the other side of the Atlantic.

Fresque de la Truskool place Arnaud-Bernard
Meritxell Baldello

Place Arnaud-Bernard

One of the façades of the building on the square of the very lively neighbourhood of the Hypercentre boasts a mural by Toulouse collective, Truskool, created in 2017. This monumental work was created by seven members of this Toulouse crew and was commissioned by the city of Toulouse to pay tribute to this district, the birthplace of the city’s graff scene. Here you can see the blaze (or name) of each artist in warm colours that are so characteristic of the Ville Rose.

Graffiti rue Lapeyrouse
Meritxell Baldello

Rue Lapeyrouse

By the entrance to Galeries Lafayette, up high, you will see a mural created for the WOPS Festival by artist Der in October 2015. The 3D lettering recalls the « Wild-Style » of New York street art in the 1980s.

Street art - fresque de mademoiselle Kat
Natoetsy Raymonde

Rue Sainte-Ursule

This superb mural that recalls a movie poster of the 1950s was created by Mademoiselle Kat. She was one of the pioneers of graff in Toulouse and her pin-ups have adorned the walls of the Ville Rose since the 90s. The artist created this particular work as part of the "Rose Béton Biennale ".

Graffiti Miss Van
Chloé Sabatier

Rue du Pont de Tounis

Miss Van returned to Toulouse in 2016, her original creative playground, in order to create a gigantic work for the Rose Béton festival of urban culture: « La Symphonie des Songes ». A dreamlike and poetic mural, it reveals the feminine side of street art and fits marvellously well with the urban environment in which it is set.

Graff l'épopée de Gilgamesh
Agence d'attractivité de Toulouse Métropole

30 rue Marceau

Do you know the ancient story of « Gilgamesch », a legend that recounts the King of Uruk’s adventures as he searches for immortality? An illustrated version by Poes and Jober was created in 2016 during the Rose Béton Festival. Their colourful tones, fun and jovial style, as well as the myriad of fine details provide a highly original and quirky look at this character.

Graff de 100Taur
Sarah Chandioux

Rue des Anges

In February 2018, 100Taur painted a spectacular work on Rue des Anges. This is one of the largest murals in the city and covers nearly 400m² at a boules area located in the Minimes Quarter. The work is made up of strange and fantastical creatures inspired by the worlds of Picasso, Jérôme Bosch and popular culture, filled with slugs, bulls, secretary birds, Popeye, Sponge Bob…

Graff à Toulouse
Chloé Sabatier

Saint-Agne Metro

Mayé and Mondé joined forces in 2016 to create a singular work with harmonious shades of colour. The theme is obvious at first glance: « We’re all sheep in need of a shepherd », the two French artists tell us.
In the foreground, Mayé has depicted a shepherd with a mechanical body adopting an improbable pose. You’re instantly struck by the fine detail of the lacework, which was created entirely using spray paint!
In the background we can admire Latin calligraphy by Mondé, influenced by the aesthetics of Arabic script.

Graff Reso - Rose Béton
Marine Esch

Avenue Albert Bedouce

An immense piece by Reso dominates the entire façade of this building on the banks of the Canal du Midi. He too is a native of Toulouse and his "wild style" is renowned across the globe. The interplay of mixed letters really showcases the curved lines and colours of the work.



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