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Florian Calas

The Toulouse trail in 10 must-see sites

Discover Toulouse in 10 must-see sites.

If you had to sum up this trail, you could say that… the trail can last a few hours or all day; the itinerary showcases the best of Toulouse and its monuments’ history; there will be lots of anecdotes to share; your feet will pound the tarmac,
but also the cobbled streets; you will be able to take some very pretty photos; you are sure to hear the sound of running water.

Take this route in your pocket with the Z-card on sale at the tourist office: € 1


The Donjon du Capitole
Square Charles-de-Gaulle
31000 Toulouse

This tower at the rear of the Capitole was built in 1525 at the behest of the Capitouls that wanted to safeguard municipal documents. Its defensive allure is countered by the belfry at its summit, a creation of the 19th century that bears the signature of Viollet-le-Duc.

In the interior, a team of experts provide great ideas and good advice: the tourist o ce has welcomed visitors here for the last 70 years!

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