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Venir à Toulouse en voiture ou en camping-car

Travelling to Toulouse by car or mobile home

How do I get to Toulouse by car or mobile home? Toulouse is an easily accessible city with many motorways. To visit the city centre, it's best to leave your car in a car park and then travel in by metro and bus.


Driving a car in the Toulouse Metropolitan AreaToulouse is easily accessible by motorway.
A61 motorway Narbonne – Toulouse
A62 motorway Bordeaux - Toulouse
A64 motorway Bayonne - Toulouse
A68 motorway Albi - Toulouse

Travel times:
Paris - Toulouse : 6h10
Marseille - Toulouse : 3h50
Bordeaux - Toulouse : 2h25
Nice - Toulouse : 5h08
Montpellier - Toulouse : 2h27

Find all the information on travel times and recommended routes at Viamichelin Mappy

Viamichelin Mappy

Driving a car in the Toulouse Metropolitan area

Low emissions zones – ZFE

French cities and towns are introducing low-emission zones to combat air pollution. In these zones, the most polluting vehicles are not allowed to drive or park. Toulouse Métropole has set up a ZFE zone since 1st March 2022. This zone corresponds to the entire area inside the ring road.

The Crit’air sticker

The Crit'air sticker is compulsory in the ZFE zone, throughout the entire country where these zones have been set up. It comes in the form of a sticker to be affixed to the windscreen. It classifies the vehicle from category 0 to 5 according to the level of air pollutant emissions it generates, 5 being the most polluting, with vehicles that are too old not being classified.

ZFE map

Progressive implementation of the Crit'air permits for vehicles - no longer allowed to drive in the ZFE in Toulouse:

  • From 1st March 2022: vans and trucks with a Crit’air 5 sticker and those not classified
  • From 1st September 2022: the same commercial vehicles and heavy goods vehicles with Crit 4 certification
  • From 1st January 2023: all motorised vehicles with Crit’air 4, 5 and those not classified

Order the Crit'air sticker for vehicles registered abroad on the official website:
Remember to order your sticker well in advance of your stay, allow a week for the sticker to be delivered by post. The application for a Crit'air sticker is only available online for vehicles registered abroad.

In the event of driving/parking with a prohibited sticker or driving without a sticker, vehicle owners are liable for a fine of 68 euros for light vehicles and light commercial vehicles, and 135 euros for heavy goods vehicles.

These low-emission zones are already in use in the main cities in France and more and more towns will adopt the scheme. The Crit'air sticker is valid throughout the country.

Find out more about the ZFE low-emission zones (in French)

Parking in Toulouse

Getting around the centre of Toulouse by car can be difficult. We advise you to book accommodation with private parking and explore the Ville Rose on foot or by public transport. Most tourist sites are accessible by metro.
See the « getting around by public transport » page.

Hotels with parking
Holiday homes with parking

The main car parks of the city centre

Parking Indigo Toulouse Matabiau Ramblas

Parking Indigo Jean-Jaurès

Parking Indigo Victor-Hugo

Parking Indigo du Capitole

Parking Indigo Saint-Georges

Visitez Toulouse : la Cité de l'espace

Visit Toulouse by mobile home

If you are visiting Toulouse with your mobile home, there is not much parking available outside of the designated campsites: 
Campsites in Toulouse

For a short break, there is a parking area, without facilities or filling / emptying services, near the Cité de l'espace. Ideal for discovering Outer Space and the secrets of the universe!The city centre is easily accessible by the No.37 bus that stops nearby.

Mobile home parking at the Cité de l'espace
9 Avenue Jean Gonord - 31500 Toulouse