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Musée du Vieux Toulouse

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Halle de la machine Minotaure
© P. NIN

Halle de La Machine

Far from a museum with fixed scenography, closer to a street show than a permanent exhibition, the visit of the Halle de La Machine invites you to travel through the tales and legends of these extraordinary mechanics. Let yourself be guided, embarked, marveled by the team of true machinists, enjoy a ride on a Minotaur back...

Halle de La Machine

Musée du Vieux Toulouse

The Museum of Old-Toulouse

The Museum of Old-Toulouse presents objects that recall the history of the city of Toulouse and its inhabitants, from Antiquity to the XX Century. An authentic and intimate venue, it is sure to seduce you and is housed in a beautiful mansion house from the late XVI Century; the Hôtel Dumay.

Musée du Vieux-Toulouse

Museum of Old-Toulouse

Musée des Instruments de médecine

The Museum of Instruments of Medicine

A journey into the daily life of a hospital from the XIX Century to present day…this is a museum that will really make you appreciate the comforts of modern life! It is housed at the entrance to the Hôtel-Dieu-Saint-Jacques, a former hospital building that has been in use since the XII Century.

Musée des Instruments de Médecine

Museum of Instruments of Medicine

Musée du Compagnonnage

The Guilds of Workers Museum

Delve into the wold of the Skilled Workers’ Guilds and explore the masterpieces that are the pride of this corporation of workers and artisans. The museum is on rue Tripière, a district that still bears the hallmarks of its medieval origins.

Musée du Compagnonnage

Guilds of Workers Museum

Musée Postal des anciens ambulants

The Anciens Ambulants Postal Museum

6 ancient historic postal wagons, stationed at the Toulouse-Raynal SNCF station, retrace the story of postal deliveries from the XIX century to the present day. You can visit veritable mobile offices that worked their way across regional and national rail networks for nearly 150 years.

Musée Postal des anciens ambulants

Anciens Ambulants Postal Museum



Parc et jardin

Le musée Georges Labit est aussi exotique et dépaysant à l’extérieur qu’à l’intérieur. On n’en attend pas moins de jardins qui entourent une villa...

© EDF-XavierPopy /REA


Visite d'entreprise

Dans un site d’exception sur la rive droite de la Garonne se mêlent découvertes techniques, poésie fluviale et manifestations artistiques. On peut...

© C. Sabatier / OT de Toulouse


Site et monument historiques

L’entrée ne paye pas de mine, et il faut oser s’aventurer par-delà le vestibule pour découvrir cette très belle église qui ne manque pas de chœur.