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Un week-end à Toulouse avec les enfants

Visit Toulousewith the family

Would you like to visit Toulouse with the kids? Whether you have a baby, a teenager or a group of kids of all ages, Toulouse offers many activities for you and your clan.

Ideas for days out

Choose a mapped out route, by tourist train or open-top minibus; it's fun, relaxing and there’s commentary in a variety of languages for both adults and children.
Sightseeing tours

Welcome to the museums

Contemporary art, oriental treasures, ancient relics, photography... Toulouse's museums have a wide variety of collections. It really is a pleasure to explore these establishments because you can stroll around, listen, draw, handle, imagine... and learn.

Do not hesitate to push open the doors of Le Muséum, where everything is designed to be fun and educational. Where does humankind come from? What is biodiversity? What is an earthquake? Have fun guessing the species of each of the 75 skeletons displayed in the six-metre-high glass wall. Extend your visit to the Quai des Savoirs to experience science in an interactive way.
Museums and exhibition venues

Adventure time

As a pioneer city of aeronautics and Space, Toulouse allows you to discover the many achievements of the past and present that have made it possible to take to the skies. The Aeroscopia museum is an extraordinary playground. On the tarmac, you can climb aboard the Concorde and the giant A380. Inside is the Super Guppy, an aircraft designed to transport large aircraft parts. Discover also the different jobs in the aeronautical world. At the Envol des Pionniers (Flight of the Pioneers), the story of the earliest flights is retold and you too can experience a flight on board an antique Bréguet XIV!

The Cité de l'Espace is a theme park that takes you to the edge of the universe. You can observe a fragment of the moon through a magnifying glass, or go inside the Mir Space Station. The large screen 3D IMAX cinema guarantees thrills and unforgettable memories. Children aged 4 to 8 even have their own dedicated area: the Cité des Petits.
Aeronautics and Space


Playing is an essential part of children's lives as well as an opportunity to continue discovering the city: the many parks and gardens are ideal for games of hide-and-seek and tag.

Carousels are spinning merrily in the Jardin des Plantes, Place Wilson, Rue d'Alsace-Lorraine, the Compans-Caffarelli garden and the Raymond-VI garden, without forgetting the Carré Sénart at the Halle de la Machine, made up of fabulous imaginary animals. At the Port de la Daurade, there is a playground in the shape of a pirate ship while on the Place Saint-Georges, it’s a dragon!
Parks and gardens

A spectacular programme

To dazzle and delight children, go to the Hall of La Machine: here you enter the world of the La Machine Company. Astérion the Minotaur slumbers not far from a giant spider... When he wakes up, you can ride on his back and see how the machinist operates this amazing mechanical creature.

Would you like to discover the animals of Africa from your car and then on foot, playing the role of an explorer? All this and more at the African Safari Park.

Visite en famille à Aeroscopia à Toulouse
Arnaud Späni

Seasonal activities

  • The Toulouse violet blooms in winter and early spring: take the opportunity to smell its delicate fragrance at the Maison de la Violette.
  • Strawberries, radishes, peas... spring is back and like every good gourmet, we never miss a thing when we go to the market!
  • Is it raining? You can play the role of an airline pilot on a flight simulator and choose to fly during unpredictable weather, for example. Because flying through a storm enables you to see the rain from a different angle!

Family treasure hunts; paddle boarding on the Garonne; cycling along the Canal du Midi.

Faire un jeu de piste en famille
Arnaud Späni
Faire du paddle sur la Garonne à Toulouse
Arnaud Späni
Balade à vélo en famille au canal du Midi
Arnaud Späni