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What's new in Toulouse?

Visitors looking for an inspiring travel destination in 2021 need look no further than Toulouse. Known as the ‘Pink City’, Toulouse offers fantastic weather, an exciting calendar of cultural and music events throughout the year, and plenty of amazing exhibitions and attractions for visitors. Whether it’s indulging in the famed gastronomy scene, sipping wine at the world’s best wine bar or learning about the city’s 2,000 years of history, Toulouse offers something for every holidaymaker including solo travellers, families or couples.


News for 2021

Why you should visit Toulouse in 2021? More than ever, Toulouse invites young and old to see the "Vi(ll)e en Rose"! Vibrant city of science, its cultural life gives free rein to creativity and emerging new trends in arts, music and gastronomy. Check our latest news for your upcoming visit.

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Cité de l'espace

La Cité de l'espace celebrates MARS in 2021

As an extension of the existing exhibition ‘Moon: Episode II’ which retraces man’s first steps on the Moon and share the scientific challenges that await the space agencies for ever more ambitious explorations, in 2021, the museum opens the doors to the ‘Red Planet'. MARS will indeed be celebrated through several events (18 February: live streaming of The Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Landing, spring: opening of the martian arena to admire the life-size robots that are sent to Mars). As for Thomas Pesquet, France's favourite astronaut? His experiments will be followed and live commented thanks to the setting up of a new area: the HQ of the ALPHA mission.
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Le Petit Prince exposition à l'Envol des Pionniers

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and The Little Prince Exhibition

To celebrate the 120th anniversary since his birth, Toulouse will be honouring the iconic French writer, poet, aristocrat, journalist and pioneering aviator with a new exhibition, named 'Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: Un petit Prince parmi les Hommes' (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: a ‘Little Prince’ among men) at l'Envol des pionniers. This place in Toulouse-Montaudran was not chosen randomly since it was from this very place that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry took off as a
pilot and aviator for Les lignes Latécoère. The exhibition retraces his life, from his little boy's winged bicycle to his tragic death aboard the mythical P38 over the Mediterranean Sea, around an original scenography combining personal objects, sound and visual installations... The exhibition ends with a series of colourful sculptures of the Little Prince, created by the artist Arnaud Nazare-Aga.
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Le Quai des Savoirs à Toulouse

Love at Quai des savoirs

Beware of love at first sight! From 11 December 2020 to 05 September 2021, the exhibition 'De l’amour' invites you to a scientific, artistic and sociological journey that warms hearts in this time of crisis. From desire to attachment, through proofs of love and virtual love… Is there a science of love? The exhibition, produced and proposed by the Palais de la découverte, is presented for the first time outside Paris. A declaration of love to all its visitors!

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La Chouette Exposition Magies Sorcelleries au Muséum de Toulouse

Magic and witchcraft at the Museum of Natural History

From 19 December 2020 to 1 November 2021, Toulouse Natural History Museum will host a new exhibition, ‘Magies, Sorcelleries’ (Magic and Witchcraft) in partnership with the Musée des Confluences de Lyon. Sorcery and witchcraft has been a staple in French literature, films and television series for many years and from haunted forests to wolves, the exhibition will look at the duality of nature and culture, myth and fact. For fans of anything spooky, this is a must-see exhibition for 2021!
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A380 Tarmac nord musée de l'aviation Aeroscopia

Aeroscopia aviation museum expands

After Concorde 50th birthday celebrated in 2019, Aeroscopia museum opened it’s North Tarmac in 2020. This new outdoor zone doubles the exhibition surface and welcomes 5 new aircraft, including
the very first A320, a Beluga and an ATR42. Next to the lake, the A380 double decker plane, world's largest passenger airliner opens to visits, on both decks, with an innovative layout enabling visitors to discover the world of aircraft manufacturing (innovation, assembly, cabin furnishing, environment...).
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Installation de Pardo dans la salle romane des Augustins

Reopenings and renovation work in Toulouse

After months of renovation work, the Musée des Augustins (fine arts museum) will be accessible from spring 2021. 
The Bemberg foundation, offering the public the opportunity to admire the collection of paintings and works or art gathered by philanthropist Georges Bemberg in a magnificent Renaissance building is accessible till the end of October 2020, followed by one year renovation work.
To come:
The Cartoucherie neighbourhood, a former industrial area converted into a "Third place" in an eco-neighbourhood, will offer a wide range of activities, based on a model that already exists in several European cities: Les Halles de la Cartoucherie. In March-April 2022, the entrance area will house a food hall with 26 catering stalls (local products and world cuisine, a craft brewery, and more), a cinema, a library...

Rugby, le Stade Toulousain

We are rugby #2023

The Rugby World Cup 2023 will take place from 8th September to 21st October 2023. In addition to matches held at the municipal stadium of Toulouse (33,150 seats), this also promises to be one big party lasting 45 days that will bring different nations together around one amazing event. 
Toulouse has moved to the rhythm of rugby for over a century. The Stade Toulousain rugby club, for its part, was born out of the merging of two student clubs, and adopted the colours red and black in honour of the Capitouls - responsible for administration in the city at the time of the Counts of Toulouse (from 1190) dressed with long red and black robes-. The club owns its own stadium, in the Sept-Deniers quarter. It bears the name of Ernest Wallon, professor of law and director of the club who invested 10,000 francs in order to purchase the 7ha plot that was the site of the first stadium. 

Main festivals

February 2021 – Fête de la violette

Every year in February, during the flowering season of this highly-perfumed little flower, the Festival de la Violette is organised by Les Amis de la Violette.
The violet is the emblematic flower of Toulouse, and has been cultivated by the market gardeners in the north of the city since the 19th century. Nowadays, “La Violette de Toulouse” is a registered trademark, to be found on a wide variety of products (sweets, perfume, liqueur, etc.) and offers an excellent reason to celebrate as well as to explore Toulouse - the City of Violets!

May 2021 - MAP (Photo Festival)

MAP Toulouse is the photography festival for the Ville Rose, a meeting point for young talent and major names in photography.
Over several weeks, the entire city transforms into an immense gallery of images, accessible and free for all members of the public.

June 2021 – FestOval (Rugby event)

Toulouse’s love of rugby will be celebrated when the city’s main square, the Capitole, will be turned into a rugby pitch for the final of the French Championships Top 14 rugby union match. Tournaments and training sessions - to introduce the sport to the youngest fans and for adults to learn more about the sport - will be organised across the weekend, ending with a friendly match for kids and former rugby professionals. 

13-20th June 2021 – Rio Loco (Music Festival)

7 days of festivals on the banks of the Garonne to explore the music and cultures of the world, this year will be dedicated to Africa!

June 2021 –  Siestes Électroniques (Electro music Festival) 

Siestes Électroniques is a festival in Toulouse devoted to emerging cultures, a niche event with great heart that, since its creation in the Ville Rose, has been taken to Paris and other major cities across Europe. The concept?
Musical discoveries in a relaxed ambiance, stretching out across the lawns of the Compans Caffarelli public gardens.

End of June 2021 – Tangopostale (Tango Festival)

A nod to Aéropostale, which connected Toulouse and Argentina, and a chance to celebrate singer Carlos Gardel, born in Toulouse, the « Tangopostale » international tango festival is set to make the city pulse once again! More than 80 events, concerts, shows, balls, conferences, exhibitions and films will bring dancers and spectators together in this enchanting world.

July - August  – "Open-air Cinema" at Cinémathèque de Toulouse

To experience cinema “differently”, every summer the courtyard of the Cinémathèque de Toulouse transforms into an open-air movie theatre. The Open-air Cinema festival has become one of the highlights of the season at the Cinémathèque and on the Toulouse cultural calendar. Over seven weeks, around forty great films from the history of cinema will grace the big screen on the façade of the building.

July - August – Toulouse d’été (Music Festival)

The Toulouse Summer Festival turned into the unavoidable Toulouse summer musical meeting place. Combining heritage and creation, it displays a music wandering through the most typical places of interest of the city, but also through its most unusual sites, where some confirmed and ready to become famous artists are sharing the show. From classical to jazz music, with worldwide music in between, rock music or songs, over fifty special events are shown to invent or re-invent the various music.

September 2021 – Piano aux Jacobins (Piano concerts)

Piano aux Jacobins is the most important festival dedicated to the piano in France.
During the softly lit hours of the concert, Piano aux Jacobins offers a unique alchemy: the Jacobin Monastery, a place full of spirituality and history where the attention of the heart is combined with warm acoustics.

The brand-new Rose festival comes to Toulouse in September 2021

Rose Festival is a brand-new music festival for 2021, taking place at Le Domaine D'ariane near the centre of Toulouse. Launched by France's favourite rappers, the toulousain brothers Big Flo & Oli, the festival will bring together musicians that appeal to all ages including Fritz Kalkbrenner, Polo & Pan and Vianney from 3rd – 4th September 2021. With an exciting line-up expected to be announced over the coming months, music lovers and locals can reach the festival in just 20 minutes via public transport that will be organised specially for the event.


Printemps de Septembre celebrates 30 years in 2021

An entirely free festival dedicated to contemporary art and photography, Printemps de Septembre will host several exhibitions, concerts, screenings and performances all over the city from 17th September to 17th October 2021. For art and culture enthusiasts, this is an unmissable event. In 2021, the festival will celebrate 30 years and take a walk through its history and the artists that have contributed over since it began. Entrance to the festival is free.

October 2020 – Festival Toulouse les Orgues

Toulouse is the organ capital of Europe and there are plenty of good reasons for this. It is not by chance that this event has been brought to life by the people - and the organs - of Toulouse.
The city has a rich and varied organ heritage, including many different styles of instruments from all periods of history. The exceptional number of organs in the city (30, 9 of which are classified historical monuments) and the surrounding region (370) mean that all kinds of music can be played.


Le Donjon du Capitole

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