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Toulouse certainly knows how to live, but it also knows how to welcome guests. Any occasion is perfect for gathering around a generously laid table at a great restaurant or wine bar. Gourmet breaks allow you to sample the products of the terroir (foie gras, smoked duck, cassoulet and Toulouse sausage, wines, cheeses...). In the markets, outdoor or covered, you can also discover the very best regional produce as you browse the colourful stalls.

Le Cénacle


Bars à Toulouse
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Enjoy a drink

Marché Victor Hugo à Toulouse
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La célèbre saucisse de Toulouse
Emilie Eychenne

The culinary specialities

The Toulouse cassoulet
Jérôme Rommé

Cassoulet The star dish

Dégustation de vin à Toulouse
N°5 Wine bar

Wine tasting